Car Accounting

Railinc provides a variety of services to ease the accounting burden on equipment owners, lessors and users. The following products help Railinc's customers understand the rates and exchange general accounting information.

Car Hire Accounting Rate Master

The Car Hire Accounting Rate Master (CHARM) helps users manage and understand the costs of rail car use and repair. CHARM is the official source of time and mileage rates on freight cars. The rates contained on these customized files are confidential to each owner and user. It contains rates effective for the current month and is updated each subsequent month with the appropriate deprescribed or prescribed rates effective for the month.

Car Hire Data Exchange

The Car Hire Data Exchange (CHDX) supports the periodic (post-operation) exchange of information to clarify payables and receivables. CHDX is a monthly exchange of time and mileage payment information. Participating carriers submit their car hire payables in the form of 414 transaction sets. Once all submissions have been received, they are sorted and each participant's car hire receivables are prepared and mailed.  CHDX data is also summarized so that car hire can be settled in the Railroad Clearinghouse.

2014 CHDX Schedule

Month Date In Production
Date Out
January 13 14 15
February 11 12 13
March 11 12 13
April 11 14 15
May 12 13 14
June 11 12 13
July 11 14 15
August 11 12 13
September 12 15 16
October 14 15 16
November 12 13 14
December 12 15 16


Car Accounting Self-Service

The Car Accounting Self-Service (CASS) application enables car accountants to access and analyze data around car hire liability. It translates event data into actionable information on scenarios such as Rule 5 transfers of liability. Users can view information on an individual piece of equipment for a range of up to 90 days. It also enables railroads to submit a Liability Acceptance Message (LAM) when erroneous event reporting has caused car hire responsibility to be assigned to the wrong carrier.

CASS also enables Car Hire Liability File (CHLF) recipients to view a car’s possession and liability data from the file. This feature includes payables and receivables data, embedded movement events to support records of loaded and empty cycles, CHARM rates and detailed mileage data for each cycle.