Transportation Management

Forward and Store

Forward and Store (F&S) is a rail industry system developed to facilitate a timely notification of forwarded traffic to carriers participating in an interline rail movement. The originating railroad sends a waybill message (EDI 417) to F&S that checks the transaction for compliance to format and syntax standards. If the initial edits pass, the waybill is then forwarded to other railroads in the route of the freight movement. A copy of the 417 is also provided to the TRAIN II system for posting during the next update cycle to ensure the timeliness of the TRAIN II waybill data, thereby enhancing the value of that system for interline tracing. F&S also edits and forwards trip plans.


The Association of American Railroad (AAR) Embargo and Permit System – Embargo, is an integrated management application that handles every step in the embargo and permit process. An embargo prevents shipments from moving to a location based on the parameters built into the embargo application and are then applied to the details contained in the transportation waybill that is processed by the Forward and Store system. With it, railroads can issue instructions to temporarily control traffic movements, amend and cancel embargoes, and grant permits to embargoed destinations. The application also supports the Official Railroad Station List (OPSL) Notes process with similar functionality. In both cases the waybills sent to Forward and Store are evaluated for compliance to the Embargo or OPSL Notes and the sending carrier is notified if the shipment matches an active restriction.

Last updated May 16, 2013