Product and Service Overview

Railinc is an integral part of the North American rail industry. We maintain extensive industry databases, build critical applications and provide business intelligence services for railroads and their partners. Our systems and services support railroads, equipment owners, shippers and suppliers along every link of their supply chains. Class I, short line, regional railroads, and transportation professionals alike use Railinc’s tools and information to manage and analyze their rail traffic.

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Asset Health:
Asset Health Strategic Initiative
Car Accounting:
Car Hire Accounting Rate MasterCHDXCar Hire Rate Negotiation Self-ServiceCar Hire Training
CEPM Project:
CEPM Program Overview
Clear Path System:
Clear Path System
Damage Prevention and Loading Services:
Damage Prevention and Loading Services
Early Warning:
Early Warning System
Equipment Health:
Equipment Health Management System (EHMS)Asset Health Data SummariesDamaged and Defective Car Tracking SystemEquipment Health View
Equipment Repair:
Billing Repair CardCar Repair Billing Data Exchange (CRBX)Car Repair Billing Price Master
Financial Data Exchanges:
Switching Settlements Data ExchangeFreight Loss Data ExchangeInterline Settlement SystemRate EDI Network (REN)
Freight Rail 411:
Freight Rail 411
Letters of Authorization:
Letters of Authorization
Mergers and Acquisitions:
Mergers and Acquisitions
Railroad Clearinghouse:
Railroad Clearinghouse (RCH)
Rail Industry Reference Files:
Industry Reference Files (IRFs)Freight Rail 411 (formerly IRFi)Rail Service Finder
Tracing Products:
RailSightTrain TraceSteelroads
Transportation Management:
Forward and StoreRailinc EmbargoesLoading Authority (OT-5) SystemISA RepositoryInterline Service ManagementRAMP-ED
Railinc Price List:
Railinc General Price List
Umler System OverviewUmler Statistics and ReportsUmler System Reference MaterialsTrain II Service