Amber, Financial Analyst

My Job
My main focus is our commercial and research and development groups. I work directly with department heads to determine their budget and quarterly forecasts and provide reporting and analysis throughout the year. I help prepare presentations for the executives and for our board and provide support during executive reviews. The support I provide on quarterly forecasts and monthly financial reporting helps the company manage expenses and understand revenue. I am also helping to support our commercial group with analysis of customer trends. 

My Day
I don’t really have daily tasks. I’m usually working on monthly reporting and quarterly forecasting or preparing for forecasts. During budgeting, we’ll have multiple rounds of reviews with our executive team that we prepare for. I get a lot of ad hoc questions from people all over the company, like our product managers who have responsibility for their departmental P&L and their product portfolios. When we do have down time, which is rare, I’m usually working on documentation or process improvements initiatives.

What I Like
The people and the atmosphere. When searching for a job, I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t find a culture and a team where I fit. When I talked to my manager during my phone interview, I was drawn to Railinc. I appreciate the atmosphere and how the culture is focused on employees. I love the gym and boot camp and the events like our 5k. I have a great team. We support each other and work well together. We use the Agile software development method, which influences how we work on the finance side of the business and helps us prepare for new requests with quick turnaround times and fosters employee development.

"When I researched Railinc, met the people on my team and saw how they worked, I knew it was the right place for me."

My Path
I have an accounting degree and did two internships and some temp work before I realized accounting wasn’t what I wanted to do. My first “real” job out of college was at an investment bank. I was constantly challenged and liked working in financial analysis, but I wanted a different environment. I worked in a small company and enjoyed it, but I was overextended and didn’t get to focus on what the tasks that I really loved. I had several offers when I went looking for a new job, but I wanted to make sure I found a company where I fit into the culture. When I researched Railinc and met the people on my team and saw how they worked, I knew it was the right place for me.