Asset Health Data Summaries

Asset Health Data Summaries give customers a concise view of equipment health data collected by wayside detectors. These summaries enable insights into equipment health and help railroads, car owners, and other industry participants make better maintenance planning and repair decisions. Users may view data summaries via the Equipment Health Management System (EHMS) application and the Equipment Health View (EHV) tool or receive the data summaries via Railinc's web services technology and EHMS subscriptions.

Customers may view summaries of data collected from the Wheel Impact Load Detectors (WILD), Trackside Acoustic Detection System (TADS), and truck hunting detectors of all seven Class 1 railroads, as well as from short line railroads. Users will be able to access data summaries from RailBAM acoustic detectors after the information becomes available in InteRRIS.

The primary benefits of Asset Health Data Summaries are:

  • Convenience: Railroads, car owners, and other industry participants have convenient access to a wide range of important asset health data details via the EHMS application, the EHV tool, or, Railinc's web services technology.
  • Cost Savings: Asset Health Data Summaries may help to reduce unnecessary and costly duplicate repairs that happen when work on a railcar has occurred but has not been reported.
  • More and Better Data: Users can view various data in a consistent format from all Class I railroads as well as short line railroads that collect data from wayside detectors.
  • Improved Maintenance Planning: Asset Health Data Summaries enable railroads and car owners to plan for and act on potential issues before they escalate to alert-level stats.

Asset Health Data Summary Definitions

Data summary definitions provide detailed information on attributes that appear in individual data summaries, including open and close criteria. Each definition also includes indicators that aid railroads, car owners, and others in making maintenance planning and repair decisions. Click here to download data summary definitions.

Asset Health Data Summaries Webinar

This webinar provides an introduction to EHMS and Asset Health Data Summaries and gives an overview of the information contained within them.  Click here to open slides from this webinar.

Click here to view this webinar.  Turn up/on your speakers to hear the presentation.


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