Loading Authority (OT-5)

The Loading Authority (OT-5) system provides a centralized, paperless process for submitting and approving Loading Authority (OT-5) applications. It is a web-based communication system that facilitates the potential placement of private freight equipment at specified loading locations on a railroad. Rail equipment must be approved for potential loading on a railroad as specified in the Association of American Railroads Circular OT-5 for Rules Governing the Assignment of Reporting Marks, Mechanical Designations and for the Use of Private Equipment, by submitting a Loading Authority (OT-5) application to the linehaul carrier for the loading location.

Additional features of the Loading Authority (OT-5) system include a web-based interface for approving and rejecting applications. In addition, the Loading Authority (OT-5) system supports data integrity by receiving automated updates from Railinc's Customer Identification File (CIF), the Centralized Station Master (CSM) and the Umler file.

In order to report applications via Railinc's Loading Authority (OT-5) system, your company must be assigned an identifier. Valid identifiers are an AAR-assigned reporting mark (ABCX) or a Railinc-assigned alphanumeric identifier. Companies that do not have an assigned identifier must request one.

Use the Railinc Onboarding application to request an identifier. 

There is a one-time setup charge for registering a company ID with Railinc. This identifier is unique and once established may be used to access other Railinc systems.

The AAR Circular OT-5 is available here and may be accessed without charge to the requester.

View the demo below to learn how to create an application in Loading Authority (OT-5) and refer to the Loading Authority (OT-5) User Manual for details.

View the demo below to learn how to view and approve an application and export a report in Loading Authority (OT-5).


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