Car Hire

Car Hire is rental paid by railroads to equipment owners. Click on the title of each Car Hire Railinc application below for details.

Car Hire Training is a series of presentations that explain various principles of car hire.  This series is fully endorsed by the AAR Equipment Assets Committee, the Association of Car Accounting and the Car Service Officers.

Car Accounting Self-Service (CASS) is an application that enables car accountants to access and analyze data associated with car hire liability.

Car Hire Accounting Rate Master (CHARM) is a dataset that contains monthly time and mileage rates for freight cars.  Users access this dataset by using Car Hire Rate Negotiation (CHRNSS).

Car Hire Data Exchange (CHDX) is an application that processes car hire payables and receivables. Results are forwarded to the Railroad Clearinghouse (RCH) for net settlement each month.

Car Hire Rate Negotiation Self-Service (CHRNSS) is an application that enables users to participate in negotiations related to car hire.

Car Hire for railroad marked cars is governed by the AAR Circular OT-10, Code of Car Hire Rules and Interpretations Freight.

Car Hire for private marked cars is governed by tariff RIC 6007.


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