Car Hire Rate Negotiation Self-Service

Railinc's Car Hire Rate Negotiation Self-Service application provides users with a convenient, single access point where they can participate in negotiations related to car hire, or the compensation paid by a user to an owner for the use of a railcar. The application enables users to transition from legacy in-house deprescription bid-and-offer systems to a centralized, Railinc-supported solution, avoiding replacement and upgrade development costs associated with in-house systems.

Through features like a detailed bid-and-offer dashboard, the Car Hire Rate Negotiation Self-Service application lessens the administrative effort required to participate in bid-and-offer negotiations, streamlining operations and improving productivity. The application also provides specific information about car type and characteristics. This helps users better define the types of cars they need, car owners better segment their cars during the rate negotiation process and bid recipients quickly validate that the offered cars meet their expectations.

Each Monday, the AAR publishes the weekly broadcast list, which lists cars entering or exiting the deprescription system, during the prior seven days. Along with the car mark and number, AAR equipment type code, and default rates, each record contains an indicator identifying which type of activity is occurring. This activity is related to either a car first entering the Umler® system, or a car that has been deleted from the Umler system.

Note: Effective July 1, 2015, Bid and Offer Roster List information will be available via the free FindUs.Rail look-up tool. If you have any questions, please contact the Railinc Customer Success Center at or 877-724-5462

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