Car Repair Billing

Car Repair Billing (CRB) enables users to manage billing. Within CRB there are two methods for submitting invoices: the Car Repair Billing Data Exchange (CRBDX) and the Billing Repair Card (BRC) interface.

  • Car Repair Billing Data Exchange (CRBDX) is a monthly exchange for receiving and transmitting invoices to registered billed parties. CRBDX utilizes industry rules and requirements to validate received invoices.

  • Billing Repair Card (BRC) is a component of the Car Repair Billing system that provides an interface for receiving and transmitting invoices. The interface ensures that all required fields are populated before the BRC is submitted for pricing and performs basic validation on fields (such as checking that the repair date is not in the future).

The Car Repair Billing Price Master is a quarterly electronic publication with AAR-determined freight car repair charges for labor and material components. CRB users have the option of purchasing the Price Master directly from Railinc.

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