Car Repair Billing Data Exchange

The Car Repair Billing Data Exchange (CRBDX), maintained by Railinc, is a monthly exchange of repair bills for foreign freight equipment. Repairing entities submit bills of car repairs in a proprietary format. These bills are sorted and sent to the billed party for the equipment. The data serves as detail support for paper billing documents. Selected elements of the exchanged data are retained for use in equipment failure trend analysis.

2015 CRBDX Schedule
Month Date In Production Date Date Out
January 6 7 7
February 4 5 5
March 4 5 5
April 3 6 6
May 5 6 6
June 3 4 4
July 6 7 7
August 5 6 6
September 3 4 4
October 5 6 6
November 4 5 5
December 3 4 4


CRBDX Webinars
Railinc is holding two webinar sessions that will provide an overview of the Car Repair Billing Data Exchange, including file submission and the file receipt process. The dates and times for these webinar sessions are:

Note: If Railinc receives data from all participants the day before the scheduled IN date, we will start production early. If you have questions about the CRBDX schedule, please contact the Railinc Customer Support Center at

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