Car Repair Billing Demos

Railinc has developed specific task-related demos to help you learn core functions of the Car Repair Billing application. Each demo takes approximately three to four minutes to view. To view a demo at full screen, click the full screen icon in the bottom right of the video. Click it again to return to the page. For additional assistance with these tasks, consult the Billing Repair Card User Guide and Car Repair Billing Procedures Manual.

Car Repair Billing:  Add Contact Information Demo - Before using Billing Repair Card, as a first time user, complete your company's contact information by entering three billing contact types for Remit to, Inquiries and Exceptions.  This is the information that appears on your printed paper invoices, only needs to be entered once and can be updated as needed.


Car Repair Billing: Enter a New Billing Repair Card Demo - Once your contact information has been entered, you are ready to create a new BRC.


Car Repair Billing - Create a Billing Repair Card Invoice Demo - Once a BRC is priced, you can submit it to Data Exchange. The Railinc Data Exchange runs approximately on the fifth business day of the month, converts BRC transactions into the 500-byte record format and distributes it electronically to the appropriate billed company.


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