Component Tracking Capabilities

The Component Tracking program gives rail carriers, equipment owners, shops and other industry participants unprecedented visibility into the health status and history of equipment and components to identify wear and failure trends and improve the recall process.

Component Tracking Delivers Three Primary Benefits

  1. Safety: The rail industry will achieve greater visibility into the current and historical health status of rail equipment at the component level, enabling users to identify failure trends, improve the recall process and improve rail safety.

  2. Productivity: Tracking component information from manufacture to application means that recalls will be issued faster and with greater confidence that only specific equipment with identified safety issues are included. More effective recalls mean the right equipment stays in service for longer periods.

  3. Reduced Costs: The capability provided through the Component Tracking program will ensure more targeted recalls and reduce administrative burdens associated with recalls. Industry participants will benefit from the reduced costs associated with this new recall process.

More Data, Deeper Insight, Better Decisions

Users get a broad view of equipment health and performance, providing critical data that can help equipment owners, shops, reconditioners and other rail industry participants make decisions that improve safety, lower costs and lead to more efficient and effective operations. Through the Component Tracking program:

Equipment Owners Can

  • Improve equipment productivity and asset utilization

  • Make more informed fleet management decisions

  • Validate billing more effectively

  • Better plan fleet maintenance

Wheel Shops Can

  • Access higher quality data on components that they refurbish

  • Improve resource planning and supply chain management by identifying application rates

  • Query and review tagged components

Repair Shops Can

  • Improve maintenance planning and prioritize work

  • Apply registered wheelsets, side frames, bolsters and couplers

  • Reconcile work with system records through daily reports

  • Query applied and removed wheelset, side frame, bolster and coupler details

Original Equipment Manufacturers Can

  • Request special reports on component data

  • Get greater insight into the quality and failure rate of the components they produce

  • Issue smaller, more effective recalls

Reconditioners and Classifers Can

  • Access higher quality data on the components they recondition

  • Seed new component registrations

  • Query and review tagged components

Third-Party Software Providers

  • Integrate component registry capabilities with their products

  • Create new, value-added products and services for their customers


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