Component Tracking for OEMs and Reconditioners

This page provides Component Tracking reference resources for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and reconditioners. OEMs and reconditioners provide barcode data based on standards that enable shops to register components with the information the rail industry requires for component tracking. This barcoding is the most effective and efficient way for OEMs and reconditioners to share component information with wheel shops.

Railinc highly recommends that OEMs and reconditioners:

  • Review Component Tracking Reference Materials
    Railinc has made available a variety of Component Tracking reference materials and technical documentation on the Component Tracking Reference Materials page. This documentation can help OEMs and reconditioners implement processes that ensure the data they provide to shops are accurate and conform to industry requirements.

  • Coordinate with Bar Code Suppliers
    OEMs and reconditioners should design their barcode process to capture data for each unique component they produce and to have the information printed on a barcode they will apply to component. A list of bar code suppliers is included on the Component Tracking Reference Materials page.

  • Review the Component Tracking Timeline
    Industry rules require OEMs and reconditioners to provide bar code data to shops to help them meet requirements for mandatory registration. Click here for the current Component Tracking timeline.

If you have questions about the Component Tracking program, contact the Railinc Customer Success Center.

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