Component Tracking for Wheel Shops

This page provides an overview of the steps that wheel shops need to take to start registering wheelsets in the Umler® Component Registry. These steps also are covered in detail in the User Guide.

Step 1: Review Technical Documentation and Other Materials
Railinc has made available on the Component Tracking Reference Materials page technical documentation that will help you as you develop your wheel shop's internal processes around wheelset registration.

Step 2: Apply for and Receive a Railinc Company Identifier
To use the Umler system, wheel shops must first apply for and receive a Railinc Company Identifier. These codes help uniquely identify railroad-related industries, including wheel shops. Examples of these identifiers include BNSF, C001 and AEX. To apply, visit the Company ID page. If you already have a Railinc Company Identifier, you do not need to apply for a new one.

Step 3: Register in Railinc Single Sign-On (SSO)
You must create a Railinc SSO account to access the Umler system. The SSO login is located at the top, right of Click Register Here and follow the prompts to establish your account. You will receive an email confirmation of your profile, which you must verify within 14 days to unlock your account. You can establish an SSO account anytime during 2011. If you already have an SSO account, you do not need to create a new one.

Step 4: Request Permission to Access the Umler System
Once you have established an SSO account, you must request permission to access the Umler system after you have logged on with your SSO account at Current Umler system users do not need to request access again. All Umler system users will see a menu button labeled Component Registry.

Step 5: Log on with Your SSO Account to Access the Umler System and Start Registering Wheelsets
After you have received the necessary permissions, you can log on to the Umler system with your SSO account at to begin registering wheelsets. Users will register wheelsets in the Umler system through a new menu button labeled Component Registry. You will register wheelsets by clicking Registration in the drop-down menu that appears when you click on Component Registry.

If you do not see Registration when you click Component Registry, you must request Component Maintenance Access from your company's Umler administrator or by contacting Railinc at 877-724-5462 or After you have access to the Registration option, you can begin registering wheelsets in the Umler system.

If you have questions about the Component Tracking program, contact the Railinc Customer Success Center.

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