DDCT Training Resources

Railinc has a complete curriculum of training activities and resources, including web demos and webinars, to help railroads, equipment owners and repair shops learn to use the DDCT system effectively. Training activities and resources include:

Railinc-sponsored Webinars. Railinc's DDCT experts offer DDCT system training for mechanical and car-hire audiences through live webinars. Slides and Q&As from past webinars are available on the DDCT Webinars page.

Online Web Demos. The training demos on the DDCT Task Demos page cover a wide range of critical DDCT functions including Rules 1, 95, 96, 107 and 108.

User Guide and Documentation. Railinc offers the DDCT User Guide and documentation such as the FAQs linked below to help you learn about the DDCT system.

DDCT User Group. The DDCT User Group is a community where DDCT users can stay informed about system updates and news, share ideas for enhancing the system, get their questions answered and learn best practices from Railinc experts and industry peers. Here are the steps you need to take to join the DDCT User Group:

  • Log in at www.railinc.com using your Railinc Single Sign-On (SSO) password and ID.

  • In the User Services box on the left side of the Launch Pad screen, click the "View/Request Permissions" link.

  • Click the "Request" box next to DDCT User Group Site, choose "DDCT User Group Site" on the next screen and click "Submit."

Railinc Support. The Railinc Customer Success Team is available to answer questions, help you become familiar with common tasks and troubleshoot difficult situations as you learn and become engaged with the DDCT system. For questions about the DDCT system or to get help setting up your account, please contact the Railinc Customer Success Center at 877-724-5462 or by email at csc@railinc.com.

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