Meghan, Product Support Manager

My Job
I'm manager of product support for our Interline group. Interline products play a fundamental role in the everyday operations of railroads and help with everything from financial exchanges to the management of critical data and systems. My team provides second-level support for our Interline customers, who include railroads, shippers, third-party logistics providers and others. I help my team with especially challenging cases, and I look at what our customers need and how we can streamline processes and can make changes and improvements to our systems and applications. I take the customer feedback we collect and work with product management to make sure they know how our customers are using our products and to figure out ways we can make the experience better.

My Day
My days involve a lot of collaboration. They typically start with stand-up meetings, where we go over what we're working on. Afterward, we might get together and talk about any bigger issues. I do have a lot of meetings, but at some point during the day I focus on figuring out how to delegate tasks among my team members. If we have challenges that are related to customer experience, I'll ask my team to investigate further or put in a request for one of our business analysts to take a look. If the problem is more operational, I'll work with our product managers to figure out potential solutions. I try to give my team a lot of responsibility so they can grow as individuals and have a broader career path.


"When you're working with smart people, it challenges you and helps you grow."

What I Like
I love delivering solutions to our customers, and I enjoy watching the process and being involved in it from start to finish. I'm really lucky to have such a great team, too. We get along really well, and our personalities mesh. We have a lot of very good, very smart people at Railinc who have a real passion for what they do. They care about the railroads. They care about the technologies. They care about their work. And when you're working with smart people, it challenges you and helps you grow.

My Path
My college roommate's mother works at Railinc, and she told me about the company. I was working for an event planning company in Charlotte. I came up to Cary and met with a few people in the office. I thought it was interesting. A couple of weeks later, a job came open and I applied. I joined Railinc as a product support specialist in the Interline group. It was very different, but I was lucky that in my previous job I had to learn three different computer systems. Learning my products was just like learning a new system. When I moved into Asset Utilization, I started digging into the data side of our work and learned SAS. Now, I'm using Railinc's tuition benefit while I work on my MBA at Meredith College. It's helping me sharpen my business skills and understand our processes better.