Railinc Product Overview

Railinc's line of nearly 40 products and services support railroads, equipment owners, shippers and suppliers along every link of their supply chains. Class I, short line, regional railroads and transportation professionals alike use Railinc's tools and information to manage and analyze their rail traffic.

Railinc has multiple ways to identify the product that can best meet your business needs:

  • All Products: Railinc's Industry Products address critical, industry-wide needs through centralized data and technology resources; our RailSight Suite of Applications deliver greater visibility into the tracking process; and Industry Reference Files are the only industry-accepted version of the North American railroad industry's official code tables.

  • Products by Customer Type: Click the Products by Customer Type tab above to view a list of products that can help you meet your business needs. Are you a railroad trying to streamline your car hire processing? Or an equipment owner who wants up-to-date data to better manage your customer service operations? Or a consultant or researcher looking for data that can provide insights on rail industry trends? You will find the Railinc product that can meet your specific business needs here.

  • Products by Theme: Click the Products by Theme tab above to find information about Railinc products and services based on themes. Products are grouped by common industry terms. Do you need a product that can help you streamline your car accounting processes? Or a way to improve visibility into your rail shipments? Our product groupings can help you find solutions that can help to solve your most pressing business challenges.

  • Product Training: Click on the Product Training tab above for online training provided by Railinc to help you learn about a variety of our products and services and guide you through critical tasks. Products are listed in alphabetical order.