FindUs.Rail is a web-based centralized database that enables users to review and manage their company's contact information, helping railroad departments, private car owners and leasing companies stay connected. FindUs.Rail users can query contacts and agency relationships for industry functions and roles.

With FindUs.Rail, contacts are organized under various categories, each managed by Company Administrators. Administrators can add, update and delete contacts for the categories they manage. The Railinc Application Administrator is responsible for adding and removing categories.

The FindUs.Rail free look-up tool lets you conduct first level searches of contacts, agencies and railcar marks at no charge.

Click here to use the FindUs.Rail free look-up tool.

FindUs.Rail is essential to the smooth functioning of other Railinc applications, including the Damaged and Defective Car Tracking (DDCT) system. To request administrative access to the application or to learn how to add contacts to the database, please view the documentation and demos below.

FindUs.Rail Demos

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