Products & Services by Theme

Use this tab to find information about Railinc products and services based on product groupings. Products are grouped based on common industry terms. For example, Railinc applications related to car hire are grouped in the Car Accounting category. Products that help customers track equipment and shipments are grouped in the Tracing Products category.

Using the search tool below, first choose your Customer Type. Then select a Product Grouping and click Get Matching Products. The search tool will generate a list of Railinc products and services that can best meet the needs of your business.

You can also search Customer Type or Product Grouping independent of each other. For example if you would like to see all products that might be of interest to an equipment owner, select Equipment Owners in the Customer Type box and All in the Product Grouping box. If you would like to see all products related to Car Accounting, select Car Accounting in the Product Grouping box and All in the Customer Type box.

Click Clear Selection to reset the search boxes. The results from your last search will remain visibile until you click Get Matching Products again.