Industry Reference Files

Railinc maintains the only industry accepted version of the North American railroad official code tables. Industry Reference Files (IRFs) are the spell checkers, data dictionaries, and thesauruses for all intra- and inter-industry communication and are used to ensure consistency in data interpretation.

Learn more about IRFs in this IRF Overview. The links below take you to specific product pages for each IRF and give you a full product description and relevant links for that IRF.

Rail Service Finder and MRIRF 
Refer to Rail Service Finder for information about using the IRF applications to locate company information, serving and connecting carriers, station names, service descriptions, and more.

AAR Circulars
Centralized Station Master (CSM)
Customer Identification File (CIF)

Junction Interchange File
Mark Register (MARK)
National Tariffs
Official Railroad Station List (OPSL)
Route File (ROUTE)

Serving Carrier/Reciprocal Switch (SCRS)
Shipment Conditions File (SCF)
Standard Point Location Code (SPLC)
Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC)