Bill, Enterprise Architect

Bill, Enterprise Architect

My Job
As an enterprise architect, I interact with business and IT groups across Railinc as we set business goals for the company and make strategic decisions around our architecture resources and activities. My goal is to ensure that our development teams have the technology infrastructure they need to build successful products that help Railinc deliver on its business strategy. This work requires me to have a broad view of the company and the freight rail industry.

My Day
I spend much of my day working closely with application, data and technical architects and others to make sure our IT architecture work is helping Railinc meet its strategic goals. I help develop the long-term vision for the Railinc architecture so we know exactly where we're going and what we need to do over the next several years. I also help to bring new technology to the Railinc architecture by staying informed about the latest and best technology tools. One effort I've worked on recently is helping to plan and execute a companywide security and risk management program.

"We get a lot of important work done, and we have a lot of fun doing it."


What I Like
I like working for a company that supports learning. This is especially helpful in my role, because I have the flexibility and freedom to investigate and pursue new ideas. Railinc also has a comfortable, loose environment. We crank out the work, but we have a lot of fun doing it. Movie nights and the pool table make work more enjoyable. I don't sit in a cube and write 1,000 lines of code every day. 

My Path
I joined Railinc as a senior software engineer in 2001, became an application architect in 2006 and was promoted to enterprise architect in 2012. Before Railinc, I worked at most of the Triangle's large IT firms as well as at a small start-up. Railinc is a unique combination of a small company with a big influence. Anyone who wants to become an architect needs to first do the hard work of creating the product. A love for learning and technology are prerequisites.