Umler Reference Materials

Reference materials play an important role in helping you understand and use the Umler® system. Umler users often have a copy of the user guide and the data specification manual within reach when adding or updating equipment in the system. Here are essential resources for using the Umler system:

  • Umler User Guide – This is a key resource for understanding how to accomplish tasks in the system. Web users will find the User Guide easy to use since topics are organized in order of appearance in the online navigation.

  • Umler Data Specification Manual (DSM) – The DSM is useful while users are in the process of adding or modifying equipment. Each data element is described in detail. Data Element descriptions, permissible values, and rules for data entry are provided to assist users in accurate data entry.

  • Umler FAQs – This document of frequently asked questions can be used as a quick reference for common tasks.

  • Umler Permissions & Access Rights Webinar - View this video (28:10m) for a better understanding of how permissions and access rights work in Umler.

  • Umler Demos – These demos help you learn core functions of the Umler system.

  • Umler Quick Guides – These short documents focus on specific Umler tasks.


Umler Data Reference Files

The documents below provide information about data in Umler. This includes full element definition models as well as mapping documents that show the conversion of legacy UMLER data to the Umler system and back.