Equipment Health View

Railinc's Equipment Health View (EHV) is a tool within the Equipment Health Management System (EHMS) that provides users a single location where they can look up, download or input mission-critical railcar health data and report information related to railcar repairs across multiple Railinc systems. Through EHV, users can access Railinc applications including the Umler®, Early Warning, Equipment Health Management (EHMS) and Damaged and Defective Car Tracking systems without having to log in to each.

EHV makes looking up, inputting and downloading data from across these systems more convenient; improves productivity by enabling industry participants to make more-informed decisions quickly; save times by eliminating the need to log in to many systems; and improves safety by lowering barriers for rail industry participants to access and update critical railcar data in a timely manner.

Railinc developed EHV under the guidance of the AAR's Equipment Health Monitoring Committee.

You must have a Railinc Single Sign-On (SSO) account and appropriate EHMS permissions to access EHV. Review the EHV User Guide for instructions on accesing EHV.

Introduction to Equipment Health View: This webinar provides an introduction to the EHV tool and an overview of its features and functionality. The webinar covers topics that include reporting equipment repairs, accessing equipment mileage data and updating equipment data in the Umler Equipment Registry.

Click here to download the presentation from this webinar.

EHV Web Demos
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Viewing Data: This web demo covers tasks related to viewing data in EHV.
Click here to view this web demo.

Reporting Inspections: This web demo covers tasks related to reporting inspections in EHV.
Click here to view this web demo.

Fleet Stats: This web demo covers tasks related to looking up and using the Fleet Stats feature in EHV.
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