Freight Loss Data Exchange

The Freight Loss Data Exchange (FLDX) is a monthly process that is used to exchange foreign line debits for freight claims and produce settlement reports for railroads that participate in the National Damage Prevention and Freight Loss system. The application takes in freight loss data provided by participating roads and forwards freight claim records and a net settlement report.

This net settlement report shows the details of the freight loss and damage claims for interline shipments and the portion of the claim that is to be paid by each carrier. The application provides a data consolidation service to the interline carriers where all of the freight loss claim data settlement are assembled into a report that informs each carrier as to their claim liability in relation to all other participating carriers.


2017 FLDX Schedule
Month Date In Production Date Date Out
January 11 12 12
February 9 10 10
March 9 10 10
April 11 12 12
May 11 12 12
June 12 13 13
July 11 12 12
August 10 11 11
September 11 12 12
October 11 12 12
November 9 10 10
December 11 12 12



Note: Any files submitted after 5pm Eastern Time on the IN date may not be included in the production run. If you have questions about the FLDX schedule, please contact the Railinc Customer Success Center at

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