Railinc Company ID

Railinc uses company identifiers. Valid identifiers are an AAR assigned reporting mark (ABCX) or a Railinc assigned alphanumeric identifier. Companies that do not have an assigned company ID must request one. This company identification will be an alphanumeric ID (S001). There is a one-time setup charge for registering a company ID with Railinc. This identifier is unique and once established may be used to access other Railinc systems.

To apply, fill out the form below and send to Railinc Customer Support via scan/email at csc@railinc.com or fax to 919-651-5410.

A Railinc Company ID is required for access to the following applications:

  • Umler/Component Registry
  • Car Repair Billing
  • Damage Defective Car Tracking
  • EHMS
  • FindUs.Rail
  • Loading Authority (OT-5)
  • Early Warning

For more information about company IDs and other standards and rules for operating as part of the North American railroad system, review the Railroads Guide.