Get Started with DDCT

Prospective Damaged and Defective Car Tracking (DDCT) system users should review the information on this page to learn more about getting started with DDCT, updating FindUs.Rail and accessing training material.

The information on this page provides an overview of the steps required to begin using DDCT. Refer to the DDCT Training Resources page for links to detailed demonstration videos and other training resources.

You must take the following steps to begin using DDCT:

Step 1: Apply for a Railinc Company Identifier

A Railinc Company Identifier is required to use DDCT. If you do not have one, your organization must first apply for and be assigned one. These codes help uniquely identify railroad-related industries. Please visit the Railinc Onboarding page to begin the application process. If you already have a Railinc Company Identifier, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Create a Single Sign-On Account (SSO)

DDCT system users must establish a Railinc Single Sign-On (SSO) account to access the DDCT application. Click the Customer Login link in the upper right hand corner of and login with your user ID and password, or select "Need to Register" and follow the prompts to establish your account and to request access to DDCT. This step can be completed by an individual user or a company administrator. More detail on the process is located in the DDCT User Guide and the Railinc Single Sign On User Guide.

Step 3: Register in FindUs.Rail

Per AAR Interchange Rule 114, the FindUs.Rail must include DDCT contact information for your company. Industry rules require all DDCT system users to register in FindUs.Rail before they can receive permission to access the system. The DDCT system uses the information in FindUs.Rail to send notifications throughout the DDCT workflow. For car owners to disposition cars to a shop within DDCT, each shop must exist as a contact within FindUs.Rail and have a valid SPLC code. After SSO registration is complete, you can contact your FindUs.Rail Company Administrator to make appropriate updates or you can request to be your company's FindUs.Rail Company Administrator via the Railinc Launch Pad.

Step 4: Request DDCT Access.

After completing your registration in FindUs.Rail, you must request access to the DDCT system.  Your company's DDCT Company Administrator will grant the required permissions to access DDCT. If your company does not have a DDCT Company Administrator, Railinc will assign this role to the first contact for the company.

Step 5: Communicate with Your Team.

The DDCT system touches many users at different steps in the process. Share with your team all DDCT-related information, including special training events, the DDCT User Guide, training demos and any other information required to make this system a success where you work. Visit the DDCT Training page for links to training resources.

Step 6: Participate in Ongoing Training Opportunities.

Railinc provides ongoing training activities and resources including webinars to help handling carriers, equipment owners and repair facilities learn to use DDCT effectively. Railinc strongly encourages all DDCT users to join the DDCT User Group to receive regular updates on the application, training activities and resources. Visit the DDCT Training page for more information about joining the DDCT User Group.


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