Get Started with Umler

To help new users register and get started, we've created a getting-started guide so you can easily and quickly begin using the Umler® system.

For more background on the Umler system, see our Umler Overview. For more in depth information and support, see the Reference Materials and Training resources we provide free of charge.

Getting Started with Umler
The Umler system requires all users to have Railinc Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials. You can request SSO credentials through the Railinc home page.

For a more comprehensive guide to Railinc SSO, refer to the Railinc SSO User Guide.

After registering for SSO credentials, you must also request permission to access Umler.

You must undertake the following activities to begin using the Umler system:

  1. Single Sign-On Account - Required Activity. Umler system users must register and establish an SSO account to access the application and to register at FindUs.Rail. Go to the Railinc home page and follow the prompts in the login box at the top right of the page to establish your account and request access to the Umler system.

  2. FindUs.Rail - Required Activity. Industry rules require all Umler system users to register in the FindUs.Rail directory before being granted access to the system. Railinc will use this contact information to communicate about Umler training opportunities and system updates. Log in to the Railinc home page to register after establishing your SSO account (see above).

When your request is approved, you may access Umler by logging in to your SSO account at the Railinc home page. The Launch Pad will be displayed. Umler will be available under Your Applications.

After you are set up with an account, please take advantage of the training modules and web demos we have available, as well as the Umler reference materials.

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