Get Started with Umler

Easily and quickly begin using Umler® by establishing a Single Sign-On (SSO) Account and registering for FindUs.Rail using the instructions below.

Single Sign-On Account (required)

Go to the Single Sign-On portal on Railinc’s home page. Follow the instructions to register or log in. Contact the Railinc Customer Success Center by email at or by phone at 877-724-5462 with questions.

FindUs.Rail (required)

Industry rules require all Umler system users to register in the FindUs.Rail directory before being granted access to the system. Railinc will use this contact information to communicate about Umler training opportunities and system updates. Log in to the Railinc home page to register after establishing an SSO account (see above).

Once approved, users may access Umler by logging into SSO accounts at the Railinc home page. The Launch Pad will be displayed and Umler will be available under “Your Applications.”

Training modules and web demos, as well as the Umler reference materials, are available for approved users free of charge.


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