Damaged and Defective Car Tracking

For decades, railroads, car owners and repair shops each maintained their own manual processes for tracking, identifying and repairing damaged and defective cars. Because there was no standardized system, data retrieval could be time-consuming and complicated, and information was often unreliable.

The Damaged and Defective Car Tracking (DDCT) system automates this manual process through an easy-to-use, centralized web-based application. Users have real-time access to information through a single standardized source and can easily update, retrieve and share information in a timely manner. The DDCT system interfaces with many of Railinc's products and processes to ensure its users have a near-seamless experience. The result is better communication and collaboration among rail partners for better equipment management, improved rail safety and reduced administrative costs.

Damaged cars are handled in accordance with AAR Interchange Rule 107, and defective cars are handled in accordance with AAR Interchange Rules 1, 96 and 108. AAR Interchange Rule 95 is used for any damaged equipment that can be returned to service.

Please visit the DDCT Training Resources page to view demos and webinars that provide overviews of the most recent DDCT updates.

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