Messaging Services

Railinc Messaging Service is the industry-leading exchange for messages between Class 1 railroads, car owners, short lines and their trading partners. Railinc has provided messaging services for more than 30 years and continues to advance messaging technologies through an unsurpassed knowledge of the rail industry, business-to-business integration expertise and the highest standards for customer satisfaction.

Today, Railinc Messaging Service is the central hub that moves millions of inbound and outbound transactions daily for railroads and their trading partners through Railinc applications such as RailSight™, Railroad Clearinghouse, Interline Settlement System, Forward and Store, Damaged and Defective Car Tracking, and Car Hire Data Exchange.

Customers rely on Railinc Messaging Service to deliver the information needed for uninterrupted rail operations and transport, whether it is local, regional, international or intermodal. Railinc also maintains interconnects with other leading North American VANs to help ensure the exchange of messages with virtually any trading partner, no matter who provides its network services.

In addition to message exchange, Railinc Messaging Service provides valuable integration services, including translation and onboarding services.

Translation Services

Railinc Translation Services customers do not have to worry about converting data to and from complex data standards. By relying on Railinc’s expertise with XML, iDocs, CSV, EDI documents and versions, and TRAIN messages, Railinc customers experience a seamless process, sending and receiving data in formats native to their systems.

Onboarding Services

Because Railinc customers have different onboarding needs, we provide two levels of onboarding services.

Standard Onboarding Services: For customers with the technical expertise and staff to coordinate testing and confirmation directly with their trading partners, Railinc provides the following.

•    Connectivity setup and Railinc messaging configuration
•    Connectivity verification

Onboarding Coordination and Test Services: For customers who require more than standard onboarding, Railinc provides onboarding coordination and test services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our messaging experts will work with you to define a message implementation project plan, which will include the following additional services based on your needs. 

•    Connectivity and security requirements verification
•    Coordination and schduling of testing between you and your trading partners
•    Coordination and scheduling of go-live event with you and your trading partners

Technical Information

Communication Protocols
•    FTP; FTPS; s/FTP
•    EDI-INT(AS2) 
•    SMTP 
•    SNA
•    TCP/IP
•    MQ Series

Message Formats
•    CLM
•    EDI X12
•    Flat File
•    XML
•    iDoc

Connectivity Options
•    FTP Mailbox
•    VPN (Virtual Private Network)
•    Internet
•    Frame relay-ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
•    Leased line
•    X.25