Mechanical Reference Repository

The Mechanical Reference Repository (MRR) centralizes and automates elements of the Rule 88 and Running Repair Agent (RRA) processes in a single, easy-to-use, web-based application. MRR helps car mark owners, shop owners and railroads to reduce the amount of time and manual work required to complete these processes.

Rule 88 in the AAR Interchange Rules establishes the minimum mechanical requirements for the interchange of freight cars, as well as the process and documentation required when repairing, rebuilding or otherwise modifying a freight car. The MRR Rule 88 module streamlines this process by enabling users to electronically submit Rule 88 applications and supporting documentation, view the status of their applications and manage updates. MRR serves as a repository for Rule 88 applications, providing users visibility into historical data.

MRR streamlines the Running Repair Agent process by allowing a sponsoring railroad to identify Running Repair Agents. Using MRR, the sponsoring railroad can submit an association with the Running Repair Agent at specific locations for approval by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). Approved associations are displayed in FindUs.Rail in real time, before they appear in the printed quarterly update to Appendix H of the AAR Interchange Rules.

Follow the steps below to begin using MRR.

  1. Apply for a Railinc Identifier.  Go to the Railinc Onboarding page to begin the application process.  If you already have a Railinc Company Identifier, proceed to Step 2.
  2. Register to use Railinc Single Sign-on. Click the Customer Login link in the upper right hand corner of and login with your user ID and password, or select the Need to Register link and follow the prompts to establish your account and request access to MRR. If you already have an SSO account, proceed to Step 3.
  3. Once you have a user ID, login to and select the View/Request Permissions link from the Launch Pad. Then select the Request button for Mechanical Reference Repository and select the applicable role.

Learn more about MRR features and functionality in the MRR User Guide.

MRR Demos

MRR Webinars

Railinc holds occasional webinars to help railroads and other industry participants learn to use the Mechanical Reference Repository (MRR). MRR affects business process workflows for Rule 88, Running Repair Agents and Signatories to the AAR Interchange Rules. Links to download slide presentations for our most recent MRR webinars are below.

Introduction to Rule 88 Process: This webinar provides an overview of the Rule 88 application process. The overview includes instructions for applying for modified and rebuilt applications as well as associated business processes.

Click here to download slides from this webinar.

Introduction to Running Repair Agent Process: This webinar provides an overview of the  Running Repair Agent process. The overview covers how a sponsoring railroad can request a Running Repair Agent as well as how a new Running Repair Agent can complete the application using Railinc's Onboarding product.

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