Online Training

Railinc has created online training resources to help customers learn about a variety of our products and services and to guide users through critical tasks. These modules can be found on product pages across the site and include the following:

Car Hire Training: These presentations cover topics ranging from the history of car hire to freight rail industry rules to Railinc applications and systems like Car Hire Rate Negotiation Self-Service and the Damaged and Defective Car Tracking System (DDCT).

Umler® System: These presentations provide an overview of the Umler system and cover a variety of topics, from equipment queries to restenciling to modifying equipment records.

Equipment Health Management System: This web demo introduces EHMS and covers tasks including entering alert closures, searching equipment history and status, and receiving notifications.

Equipment Health View: These web demos cover Equipment Health View tasks related to viewing data, reporting inspections, and using the Fleet Stats feature.

Asset Health Data Summaries: This web demo introduces Asset Health Data Summaries and covers tasks related to viewing and exporting data summaries.

DDCT: These presentations provide an introduction to DDCT and cover topics such as industry rules about inspections, repairs, equipment handling and Early Warning notices.

FindUs.Rail: This web demo provides an introduction to FindUs.Rail and covers topics including requesting access, searching for a contact and adding a contact.

Letters of Authorization: This presentation provides an overview of the LOA E-Signature process, which eliminates the need to attach PDF or scanned documents to an LOA. 

Component Tracking: This presentation provides a short overview of the Component Tracking program (formerly known as CEPM).

Please note that the presentations on these pages contain audio. Turn on your speakers to hear the presentations.