Product Training

Railinc has created online training to help customers learn about a variety of our products and services along and guide them through critical tasks.  Here is a collection of training materials that are available on product pages across the site.

Click on the boxes below to open a demo or demo page for these Railinc products. Be sure to turn on/up your speakers to hear the demos.


Learn about the history of Car Hire, freight rail industry
rules, Hire Rate Negotiation Self-Service and DDCT

Learn how to view data, report inspections
and the Fleet Stats feature in EHV

Learn about how to request access, search for
a contact and add a contact in FindUs.Rail

Learn the benefits and key functions of Umler:
admin, queries and equipment maintenance

Learn about Asset Health Data Summaries:
how to view and export data summaries

Learn how to clone, edit and use templates
in Letter of Authorization

Learn how to enter alert closures, search equipment
history and status, and receive notifications in EHMS

Learn about industry rules for inspections,
repairs and equipment handling in DDCT

Listen to a short overview of the Component Tracking program