Rail Service Finder

To improve your user experience and enhance security, we have replaced Freight Rail 411 with Rail Service Finder (RSF) and MidRange Industry Reference File (MRIRF).

RSF enables rail customers to quickly find company information, serving and connecting carriers, station names, and service descriptions by searching through company names, addresses, or railroad names. RSF's primary benefits are:

  • Convenience: With RSF, users have a single tool where they can look up and view critical information for shipping freight by rail.

  • Productivity: The ability to identify and view company contact data and their serving carriers via a single tool improves productivity by enabling rail shippers to make shipping decisions quickly.

  • Time Savings: RSF saves time by eliminating the need for users to search many resources and contacts to execute tasks that are routine but required for shipping by rail.

RSF is available through the Rail Service Finder website. Railinc developed Rail Service Finder under the guidance of the AAR's Customer Location Task Force and Interline Revenue Committee.

MRIRF provides robust search capabilities for Marks, Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC), Centralized Station Masters (CSM), Junction Interchanges, Routes, Standard Transportation Commodity Codes (STCC), and Shipment Condition Files (SCF). To access MRIRF:

  1. Log in to Railinc.com using your SSO ID (if you don't have an SSO ID, you can register to create one).

  2. Select MRIRF under "Your Applications" (if you do not see MRIRF, you can request access after clicking "View/Request Permissions" under User Services).

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