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Railinc publishes monthly and quarterly indexes as a service to the rail industry. These indexes provide a snapshot of the demographics of the North American railcar fleet and an analysis of commodities being shipped via rail. Browse through the archive below or use the Search box to query a specific month or quarter.

Railinc publishes the following two indexes:

Umler® Equipment Index
The Umler® Equipment Index provides quarterly analysis of the total make-up of the North American rail equipment fleet. Data in the index represents all equipment units on file in Railinc's Umler system, including pre-registered, restricted and scrap units. It is published during the first month of each quarter.

Railinc Short Line and Regional Traffic Index
The Railinc Short Line and Regional Traffic Index provides year-to-year analysis of commodities shipped by carloads. It is published monthly and includes shipping and commodities data from approximately 500 railroads. This information can also be found monthly in Railway Age magazine.

Important note: Due to database changes used in the short line reporting calculation, data reported before February 2015 may contain variances that make it unsuitable for trend analysis or comparison. Beginning in February 2015, the Short Line Index was corrected to account for these variances. Because not all of the data for past periods are retained, we are unable to restate historical data on a comparable basis.



Intermodal, Covered Hoppers Top Umler Index

The total size of the North American rail equipment fleet was up slightly during the first quarter of 2018. The total equipment count was 2,083,915, for an increase of 0.2 percent.

The three largest segments during the quarter were covered hoppers (28.4 percent), tank cars (20.6 percent) and gondolas (11.1 percent).

Four car groups increased from the last quarter, led by intermodal, up 1.7 percent, and IM flats, up 1.3 percent. Covered hoppers were up 1.0 percent, and miscellaneous equipment increased by 0.1 percent. Declines during the quarter were led by EOTs, down 3.0 percent, and locomotives, down 1.6 percent.

The total count of equipment in the revenue-earning fleet currently stands at about 1.65 million, up by 0.2 percent from the previous quarter. Covered hoppers and flats led gains at 1.0 percent and 0.4 percent, respectively, while box cars decreased the most (0.6 percent). The revenue-earning fleet is a subset of the North American rail fleet that is largely composed of freight cars that can be used in interchange service and against which an interline waybill can be placed.

Data Source: Railinc Umler System. Data represents all equipment units on files, including pre-registered, restricted and scrap units.

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