Railinc Tracks Blog

Railinc tracks are everywhere although you don't always see them. The Railinc Tracks blog reveals them one at a time and shows you how we help to keep railroads, railcars and rail shipments moving across America. The blog is staffed by the Railinc Corporate Communication team and will give you news and insights about our company, our people and our products.


Welcome to the Official Railinc Blog

Railinc tracks are everywhere, although you don’t always see them. The purpose of our blog is to reveal those tracks one at a time and show you how Railinc helps keep railroads, railcars and their rail shipments moving across North America. Along the way we’ll give you insights and inside scoops about the company as you meet our people and learn about our products. You’ll also see why Railinc is a great place to work, staffed by the brightest and hardest working people anywhere.

The Railinc Corporate Communication team staffs the blog, but we’ll feature guest bloggers from inside the company. These folks will be experts in their field offering insight into our technology stack, business processes and more.

Of course we want your feedback, too. Feel free to contact us anytime to make a suggestion, offer a comment, or to enquire about an open position or a product.

Thanks for following Railinc Tracks.

—Railinc Corporate Communications