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Hua Wu Wins 2014 Railinc President's Award

A photograph of Hua Wu, Railinc's 2014 employee of the year.Congratulations to Hua Wu for receiving the President's Award as Railinc’s employee of the year for 2014. Hua was recognized at our February all-employee meeting.

"Hua is one of the unsung heroes at Railinc. He has excellent technical skills and shows up every day committed to serving our customers," said Railinc President and CEO Allen West. "Hua finds ways to reinvigorate our work—evaluating and bringing new technologies, collaborating across departments and improving our systems for the benefit of the broader rail industry.”

Hua has had a solid career at Railinc, joining the company in 2006 as the Java technical lead. This year he earned the top rating for his position among senior software engineers. Over the years he has made significant contributions to the Embargoes, Forward & Store and Clear Path systems.

According to his nomination, the team faced challenges with the Forward & Store application, which was causing schedule risks for the mainframe migration projects and the Forward & Store upgrade project. Hua stepped in, led the team and resolved the issue. Due to his involvement, the Forward & Store upgrade project was able to start and end on time, which eventually led to a “perfect five” project survey score from Railinc customers.

"Hua is a dream employee for any development manager. He champions best practices but is also results-driven and practical," Joan Smemoe, senior manager of application engineering, wrote in her nomination.​

The other nominees for the 2014 Railinc President's Award were:

  • ​Chad Boos

  • Meshalle Carter

  • Alan McDonald

  • Eva Anderson

  • Matt Beaver

  • Doni Reece

  • Mark Hawkins

  • Angela Buccigrosse

  • Jerri Moore-Platis

  • Syam Balakrishnan

The Railinc President’s Award is part of our Rewards and Recognition Program, which recognizes and supports the good work that happens at Railinc during the year on an individual, departmental and company-wide basis.

—Railinc Corporate Communications