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Railinc Ranked a Top Triangle Developer

Let’s be clear: We all prefer to be recognized for the quality and value of our work.

Like when the Railinc-made mobile app AskRail, which is a safety app for first responders, gets discussed on CNBC or by a rail industry publication. That makes us feel proud because our work means something.

But it’s also nice to be recognized for having a large presence in a thriving tech community where that product gets made. Like right here in the Triangle, one of the hottest tech communities in the U.S.

Railinc was recently ranked as one of the largest software developers in the region by the Triangle Business Journal. This annual survey ranks the top 25 Triangle software developers by the number of local employees.

Coming in at No. 8 on the list, Railinc is in good company with area stalwarts including IBM, SAS, Allscripts, HCL Technologies and Red Hat. With 295 employees, Railinc is also one of eight companies listed with more than 250 employees. This is the sixth consecutive year Railinc has appeared on the list, which was published on Aug. 14.

"We have a lot of talented people at Railinc doing important work to serve the freight rail industry," said Allen West, president and CEO. "The Triangle is one of the great places for technology workers in the U.S., and it's exciting for us to be among the largest software developers in the region."

A complete list of the largest software developers in the Triangle is available at http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/subscriber-only/2015/08/14/software-developers.html (subscription required).

—Railinc Corporate Communications