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Railinc tracks are everywhere although you don't always see them. The Railinc Tracks blog reveals them one at a time and shows you how we help to keep railroads, railcars and rail shipments moving across America. The blog is staffed by the Railinc Corporate Communication team and will give you news and insights about our company, our people and our products.

Wellness a Cornerstone of Railinc's Culture

Employees stretch before the 2014 Railinc 5k.

For the second consecutive year, the Triangle Business Journal named Railinc as one of the 35 Healthiest Employers in the Triangle. The list recognizes employers in the region that make "wellness a priority while proactively shaping the health of their employees." Railinc joined a stellar group of companies and organizations on the list, including Lenovo, WakeMed, the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority and Fidelity Investments.

"We've made wellness an important part of our culture because it has a positive benefit for our employees and the company," said Kristen Sandstrom, director of human resources. "We're proud of this recognition, and it's a testament to our employees and the healthy choices they make every day."

Railinc Encourages Fitness, Fun, Accountability

So what does it take to be among the Triangle's healthiest employers? It doesn't take a work force full of athletes. While a few of our employees played college sports, we're mostly just like everyone else—we enjoy weekend runs, a lunchtime walk and pick-up volleyball at the park near the office.

You do need an environment that encourages fitness, fun and accountability, and that's what we've worked to create. In 2012, we launched a voluntary wellness program that gives employees resources to get active, make healthy lifestyle choices and save money, including:

  • Fitbit Challenges: We give every employee a Fitbit fitness tracker, and our people compete in regular Fitbit Challenges to see who can log the most steps and rack up the most miles.

  • On-site Nutrition Counseling and Education: Want to set up a healthy eating plan or learn how to make a tasty smoothie? We offer free, on-site, one-on-one nutrition counseling, as well as educational opportunities like wellness lunch and learns and healthy cooking demonstrations.

  • Free Access to Gyms: Employees can just walk downstairs to work out in our newly renovated gym, and Railinc subsidizes memberships to O2 Fitness.

  • Yoga, Bootcamp and Activities: We have many ways to get active with our colleagues, from yoga in our largest meeting room to on-site boot camp sessions led by O2 Fitness trainers to employee-led sports teams and activities like a company 5K race and walk.

  • Easy Access to Outdoor Activities: Railinc's office is adjacent to a private greenway and a short walk to a Town of Cary park with basketball and sand volleyball courts and to trails that connect to Lake Crabtree Park and Umstead State Park.

The Results Are In

We're seeing results. Many employees have made significant changes to improve their health, getting more active, losing weight and eating better. Almost everyone has gotten involved—our participation rate since launching the Wellness Program is more than 99 percent.

The company has benefited, too. The program has helped offset increases in our health insurance premiums in each of the last three years and has enabled Railinc to realize significant cost savings, which get passed on to employees.

Click here to see what it's like to work at Railinc and to learn more about our culture and benefits.

—Railinc Corporate Communications

Found on a Sticky Note

Eight green and yellow sticky notes posted on a task board at Railinc, which practices the Agile software development method.

Take a walk around Railinc any morning and you'll see product teams meeting at glassboards plastered with multicolored sticky notes. These notes are a key element of the Agile software development methodology and provide a low-tech way to track the high-tech work that happens at Railinc.

Look deeper and the notes will tell the story of how we develop our products, how we learn from and work with our customers, and how we meet the technology needs of the freight rail industry. Here on our blog, we will pull out a snippet of that story in the form of a single sticky note. We'll tell you what's behind the words that are on it and give you a little insight into the work our people do every day to serve the freight rail industry.

Here at Railinc, these notes include information on everything from user stories and quality assurance checks to tasks in progress and tasks completed. Even though Agile is a cornerstone of Railinc's culture, the ways our teams use sticky notes are unique to each product group. Some use sticky notes to capture their tasks. Others focus on user stories. One team incorporates index card-sized printouts from a third-party Agile software that Railinc uses to track the progress of product development.

"The value the sticky notes is in the visibility," says Jose Solera, Railinc's director of enterprise services and our resident Agile evangelist. "With the notes, teams can see where they are in a project. They are easy to write and move around as things change. They're also a good way to prompt conversations about what's been done and what needs to get done."

—Railinc Corporate Communications

Welcome to the Official Railinc Blog

Railinc tracks are everywhere, although you don’t always see them. The purpose of our blog is to reveal those tracks one at a time and show you how Railinc helps keep railroads, railcars and their rail shipments moving across North America. Along the way we’ll give you insights and inside scoops about the company as you meet our people and learn about our products. You’ll also see why Railinc is a great place to work, staffed by the brightest and hardest working people anywhere.

The Railinc Corporate Communication team staffs the blog, but we’ll feature guest bloggers from inside the company. These folks will be experts in their field offering insight into our technology stack, business processes and more.

Of course we want your feedback, too. Feel free to contact us anytime to make a suggestion, offer a comment, or to enquire about an open position or a product.

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