RailSight™ Messaging

RailSight™ Messaging turns your electronic supply chain into an operational asset with the most secure, reliable and efficient communications available. With deep industry connections, unsurpassed rail-data expertise and an advanced IT infrastructure, Railinc is uniquely positioned to reduce the delays and high costs associated with other VANs.

Maximum Formats, Maximum Flexibility
Our "any-to-any" data and document translation capabilities allow you to convert any data into any format, regardless of you or your trading partner's technology.

  • Communication Protocols: FTP, FTP/s, sFTP, EDI-INT (AS2), HTTP, HTTP/s, SMTP, SNA, MQ

  • Message Formats: CLM, TRAINII, EDI X12, EDIFACT, XML, Flat File, CSV, iDoc

  • Connection Options: FTP mailbox, VPN, Internet, frame relay (ISDN), leased line, x25

  • Translation and Onboarding Services: Data conversions, data transport and automatic delivery, connection to all leading North American VANs

Seamless Conversions, Dedicated Support
Our implementation experts work closely with your IT team to review your messaging requirements, design a custom pilot and then test and optimize it to ensure a fast and hassle free transition for you and your trading partners. Once on board, you will gain access to Railinc's industry-leading product support. Our dedicated RailSight Messaging specialists are available 24x7x365.

The Railinc Difference
Thousands of railroads, shippers, equipment owners, third party logistics companies, government agencies and all North American VANs rely on Railinc to deliver their mission-critical supply chain communications. Here's why:

  • World-class Integration-as-a-Service and EDI VAN from the IT and data experts for the North American freight rail industry for more than 30 years

  • Secure, fully redundant network infrastructure for unparalleled uptime and availability

  • Local, regional, international and intermodal service

  • Railinc's industry-leading product support 24x7x365

  • Real-time visibility, tracking, monitoring and reporting with the Railinc Messaging Console

  • Facilitates compliance with 21st century records-keeping mandates

  • Established 99.85 percent system uptime

  • Fully redundant network infrastructure for complete security

Learn more about RailSight

Call toll-free: (877) 724-5462
Email: csc@railinc.com

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