RailSight™ Track & Trace

The only comprehensive, single-source shipment-tracking service available, RailSight™ Track and Trace sends out real-time rail data around the clock, tracking railcars and intermodal equipment on more than 560 rail carriers throughout North America. Railinc processes over 11 million events a day and is the only provider with deep short-line rail data.

By enhancing overall visibility and eliminating any blind spots in the rail tracking process, RailSight Track and Trace makes sense of rail equipment, routes and schedules, and empowers you with critical and actionable information on your rail equipment and shipments.

Reduce Costs for Higher Profits
RailSight Track and Trace enables cost reductions and cost avoidance, helping you squeeze even more value out of your supply chain. You can reduce infrastructure, trim staffing and eliminate maintenance and other recurring IT expenses. Here are some of the ways:

  • Reduce storage fees, out-of-service lease credits and demurrage charges

  • Decrease logistics costs related to bad orders and expedited shipments

  • Improve staff efficiency by removing the need to query multiple websites

  • Focus IT resources on supporting your core business

  • Gain increased support for disputed fees and improve billing accuracy

Fuel Your Success
It's simple. Better data improves visibility and helps private car owners, third-party logistics managers and rail shippers manage their businesses more effectively.

  • Accurate, high-quality data: If your data comes from Railinc, it comes from the one source the rail industry relies on most for rail data and information technology solutions.

  • Save time: Accurate, reliable information from one source means you spend less time tracking rail shipments and dealing with unanticipated problems.

  • Better efficiency, utilization and return on assets: Instant, accurate and complete insight into the status of shipments translates into improved asset allocation and planning, better inventory management and reduced costs.

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Improved response times result in greater customer satisfaction, increased productivity and better competitive positioning.

  • More control: An easy-to-use web interface enables users to manage their account information, equipment and fleets; set up and change account settings; and download reports.

  • Systems integration: As your single-source provider, RailSight Track and Trace easily integrates with business and logistics systems, including other Railinc data and information services. Combine with Railinc products such as Umler®, and the Equipment Health Management System and Early Warning System to deliver the most complete and integrated rail data management solution available.

Customizable Reporting
RailSight Track and Trace delivers the data you need when you need it – whether that means complete end-to-end trip cycle reports or select critical events. Custom options include filters to include or exclude data from specific carriers. You can even add additional data elements such as Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Standard Point Location Code (SPLC), proprietary detailed event report codes and waybill information.

End-to-End Cycle Reports Enable Accurate Supply Chain Analysis
You won't have to worry about managing fleet updates or missing cars because RailSight Track and Trace's flexible free runner logic will automatically add equipment to your fleet as soon as a waybill is received from the railroad. Summary reports confirm that the equipment is in your fleet and on the move.

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