Steelroads® is a shipping community-oriented website through which users can trace their rail shipments, submit bills of lading to participating carriers, and look-up equipment characteristics and industry reference information. The short line event reporting application, also integrated with Steelroads, is a free tool used by smaller short line railroads to submit events to the industry's central event repository. Steelroads increases the ease of doing business within the rail industry by providing the shipping community with a central web-site to conduct key shipping activities.

Tracing in Steelroads is restricted to sponsored users. If you are not sponsored, Railinc's RailSight™ Suite of Applications offers a comprehensive suite of applications designed to deliver rail shipment and equipment management that can be adapted to support your changing business needs. Click here to learn about RailSight Demand Trace for flexible equipment tracing.

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Steelroads® is a registered trademark of Railinc Corp.