Switching Settlements Data Exchange

The Switching Settlements Data Exchange (SSDX) is a monthly financial exchange that offers railroads of all sizes an automated, standardized way to process switching charges. SSDX simplifies and expedites billing and ensures accuracy of switching charges by collecting and validating switching data, calculating net settlements, and issuing inbound and outbound reports to participating roads.

Railroads that provide switching services submit a consolidated monthly billing statement electronically through SSDX instead of sending paper invoices to multiple carriers. SSDX eliminates the need to process multiple paper invoices by hand, improving the speed and quality of information flow and capturing errors that can delay payment. This reduces in the cost of auditing interline switching settlements and provides an economical means to recover revenue lost through improper switching charges.

SSDX users can submit data through an FTP upload or through an easy-to-use Excel template and web upload interface. A validation feature produces a PDF report that provides immediate feedback on errors in the data. Billed rail partners receive a PDF summary of the billing statement and can dig into deeper levels of data if they identify a questionable item in the bill. SSDX is integrated with Railroad Clearinghouse, a centralized system for rail industry participants to administer and transfer funds.


2019 SSDX Schedule
Month Date In Production Date Date Out
January 15 16 16
February 15 19 19
March 15 18 18
April 15 16 16
May 15 16 16
June 17 18 18
July 15 16 16
August 15 16 16
September 16 17 17
October 15 16 16
November 15 18 18
December 16 17 17


Note: Any files submitted after 5pm Eastern Time on the IN date may not be included in the production run. If you have questions about the SSDX schedule, please contact the Railinc Customer Success Center at csc@railinc.com.

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