The Umler® System

Umler® is the source of critical data for more than two million pieces of North American rail, steamship, and highway equipment.

The Umler system provides secure access for equipment management and reporting tools, helping equipment owners provide high-quality data to logistics partners and customers.

The system identifies internal and external dimensions, capacities, weight information, and other specific characteristics of freight cars­–as well as intermodal trailers and containers. It also serves as the base file for other standard industry equipment reference and management systems.

Railroads, equipment owners, agents, shippers, ports, suppliers, industry consultants, government agencies, and railcar service providers use Umler for the safe and efficient placement, movement, and interchange of railcars.

Umler also includes these enhanced functions:

  • Umler Change Request Form: Provide details for all Umler system changes, including new elements, permissible values and business rules. Complete the form and email it to

  • Component Registry: Register certain railcar components and associate them with equipment for greater visibility into equipment health.

  • Conflict Management: Identify equipment records in conflict, with supporting processes to resolve issues. Error messages identify changes that must be made to correct invalid equipment data.

  • Equipment Cloning: Create single or multiple equipment records using an existing railcar as a template. Minimal changes reduce the time required to build new fleets in Umler.

  • Equipment Lineage: Track ownership and equipment changes throughout its history, including inspections and equipment modifications.

  • Equipment Status: Track active, inactive, and pre-registered rail assets to get accurate fleet size and makeup.

  • Locomotive Inspection and Repair Report: The “Blue Card” tracks FRA locomotive inspections in this downloadable spreadsheet.

  • Notice Management and Ticklers: Alerts and logs help users stay on top of equipment changes and issues.

  • Query Data: Provides immediate online reports, including self-service data query tools and custom reports with Advanced Query.

  • Restencil Support: Create a new equipment record from a prior equipment registration. Support is provided for single or multiple restencil to enable change of ownership for entire fleets. If desired, users can request that Railinc perform restencil services by completing the Umler Restencil-Request to Transfer Equipment Form.

  • System-Generated Elements: Delivers information to users, such as automatically-generated Equipment Type Codes and End-of-Service Dates

  • Statistics and Analysis Services: Offers data analysis services to equipment owners who may contact the Railinc Customer Success Center with service requests.

Umler® is a registered trademark of Railinc Corp.

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