CEPM Program Overview

The Comprehensive Equipment Performance Monitoring (CEPM) program is a multi-phase, multi-year initiative to create an industry process and related technology tools for capturing data around railcar equipment components. The CEPM program will give rail industry participants visibility into rail equipment health and performance, enabling managers to make decisions that improve rail safety, reduce costs associated with equipment maintenance, and run more efficient and effective rail operations.

The Association of American Railroad’s (AAR) Equipment Health Monitoring Committee and other industry committees are guiding the development of the CEPM program.


The first phase of the CEPM program, CEPM-Wheelsets, creates component-tracking capabilities in Railinc data systems that provide the North American freight rail industry with visibility into wheelset health status and history. The ability to capture and view component-level data around applications and repairs enables more effective recall management, improved maintenance planning and more-informed decision making. Users can register wheelset components through Railinc’s Umler™ component registry and report the application of wheelset components via the component registry, Car Repair Billing (CRB) and Equipment Health Management System (EHMS).

CEPM-Side Frames, Bolsters and Couplers
Railinc has begun development of the next phase of the CEPM program, CEPM-Side Frames, Bolsters and Couplers. This includes the registration of side frame, bolster and coupler component details and the identification of component association. Users will be able to register side frame, bolster and coupler components through Railinc’s Umler component registry and report the association of these components via the component registry, CRB and Web Services.

CEPM Resources Now Available

This website provides training background materials, event schedules, training resources and user guides to help your organization learn critical functionality in CEPM-enhanced systems. Railinc will post new information and resources as they become available. Use the menu below to navigate to important CEPM resources.

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Last updated August 15, 2013