Patrice, Product Support Specialist

My Job
I work in Railinc's Asset Utilization group. I answer customer questions and solve problems they have about car hire, which is the industry term for what a railroad pays to use railcars that belong to another railroad. I work with customers to make sure they're paying and charging the correct rates. Car hire is a significant and complex part of the industry. But I build relationships with our customers and get to understand their needs. I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that I help make their jobs easier.

My Day
Usually I have a customer caseload that I've prioritized. My day could involve doing research in our Umler® database or our car hire rate system; meeting with business analysts to get answers to customer questions; or figuring out the relationship between customer data and the related business rules and the impact that has on a customer. Sometimes my day is fast-paced. Sometimes it's more scheduled. But I never get bored, and I'm constantly learning.

What I Like
There are a lot of things to love about Railinc. I have four children and love the fact that Railinc is flexible. That's important, especially for people with families. The company also values its employees and supports our growth. Right now, I'm going back to school with the help of our tuition reimbursement program. And I know the work I do is important. It's nice to know that when I see a train going down a track, I played a part in it being there.

"I know the work I do is important. It's nice to know that when I see a train going down the track, I played a part in it being there."


My Path
I started at Railinc in 2002, working on one of our Industry Reference Files. I got promoted to information processing specialist but left in 2005 when the product I was working on was sold to a logistics company. I was with that company as an account manager until 2013, when I came back to Railinc. I've always felt comfortable here, and the people are great. When I came back, it felt like I was coming home.